Historical places in Makkah


Historical Places in Makkah

Makkah has so many beautiful and historical places which every one would like to visit. Make the most of your spiritual journey to Makkah by exploring those places. Let’s retrace the steps of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and explore beautiful destinations that will deepen our understanding of Islam.


Birth Place of the Holy Prophet

The house where the Holy Prophet ﷺ was born is situated in Suq al-Lail Street. At this place, there exists a library and a school today. If you come out of Haram near Safa hill, this house is about two furlongs away on the right side.

Jannat al-Mu’alla

                                       Jannat al-Mu’alla (Photo by: Hajjumrahplanner.com)

This is a famous graveyard of Mecca where the Holy Prophet’s mother, Khadija, his wife and many other companions were buried. This graveyard is on Ghaza Street near Masjid Jinn.

Masjid Jinn

This mosque is near the graveyard of Jannat al-Mu’alla. This is also known as Masjid Bai’et. Here the Holy Prophet recited the Quran to the Jinns and took bai’et (oath of allegiance) from them.

Masjid al-Ra’et

This mosque is near Masjid Jinn on the right side. In Arabic ra’et means flag. This is the place where the Holy Prophet ﷺ installed his flag at the time of the Conquest of Mecca.

Cave Hira

                                                                   Cave Hira (Photo by: Muftisays.com)

Cave Hira is situated on Jabl Noor about three miles from Mecca. The Holy Prophet ﷺ used to retire here in solitude and spend long hours in reflection and meditation. Here he received his first Divine Revelation:

“Read in the name of your Lord who created, Who created man out of a clot of congealed blood. Read, and your Lord is most Bountiful, Who taught (man) the use of pen, Taught man what he knew not.” (Al-Alaq 96:1-5)

Cave Thaur

                                                           Cave Thaur (Photo by: Hajjumrahplanner.com)

This is a cave in Jabl Thaur about eight kilometers to the south of Mecca, in which the Holy Prophet ﷺ and Abu Bakr lay hidden for three days at the time of their migration to Madinah.

Jabl Abu Qubais

This is a hill near Safa , right in front of Baitullah. This hill is said to be associated with the Holy Prophet’s miracle of splitting the moon asunder. Bilal mosque is situated atop this hill.

Masjid Aai’sha

                                                 Masjid Aai’sha (Photo by: Wikimedia Commons)

This mosque is outside the bounds of Haram in Tan’eem, situated on Madinah Road. People enter into Ihram here for Umrah, that is why it is also known as Masjid Umrah. To go there, buses are always available in front of Bab Abdul Aziz of al-Haram. If you intend to perform Umrah, get a ride to this mosque, enter into Ihram and come back to Mecca to perform Umrah.

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